Keenan, Stanford, Pasquerilla West, Lewis

Our group began by discussing the role of the Internet and people’s obligation to educate themselves as to its responsible use, as well as the benefits that it provides society. We then moved on to discuss education in America and what steps we need to take in order to remain a competitive leading nation in the global world. Conversation also varied throughout the discussion to cover the role that natural resources play in our future as a country and in our political relations with other countries, as well as who in the group approved of the gas tax and who did not. One of the largest issues that our group struggled with was the United States’ position in the global marketplace and our relation with other countries such as China. We were left with many concerns about what would happen to the United States when China stops growing, given their current holding of our debt, especially if they experience a decline like we are now. We would pose this hypothetical scenario to other students who might be able to comment about the future of this fragile relationship.